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Tools to Help on Your Journey
  • Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
    Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Biology of Belief
    Dr. Bruce Lipton
  • My Stroke of Insight
    Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor
  • Freedom from Self Sabotage
    Peter Michaleson
  • To Love and Be Loved
    Sam Keen
  • There is Nothing Wrong With You
    Cheri Huber
  • Love is Letting Go of Fear
    Gerald Jamplosky MC
  • Evolve Your Brain
    Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Your Resonant Self
    Sarah Peyton
  • The Body Keeps the Score
    Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD

“I love knowing I have tools to change, right in that moment, how I think so I don’t have to go down the same paths. I also finally understand the choice I was making about the old stories I’ve been telling. I’m no longer a storyteller, I am a storymaker!” – NM