Meet the Coaches

Spyder Carneol

Co-Founder, Coach and Lead Instructor

Spyder Carneol has been guiding clients towards greater personal freedom since 2008. She is the Co-Founder of Conscious Freedom Coaching and has been training other coaches in the Conscious Freedom Coaching methodology since 2018. In 2004, Spyder decided that she desperately needed to figure out why she seemed happy on the surface, but continually created suffering for herself, especially in the realm of relationships. Mentoring with Sara McIntosh, Co-Founder of Conscious Freedom Coaching, and student of Peter Michaelson, she dove deep into the realms of the subconscious, identifying and shifting the root shadows that were the cause of the negative behavior patterns cycling through her life.  This experience impacted her life in extraordinarily positive ways. The deep transformation catalyzed her desire to work with Sara to further develop Conscious Freedom Coaching and make it available to the world.  This work parallels Spyder’s lifelong passionate interest and work in the healing arts, spiritual growth, and artistic/creative expression.

In addition to studying with Sara Mcintosh, Spyder is a 10-year student of Master Ryokyu Endo, Buddhist Priest and founder of Tao Shiatsu.  She has been a Shiatsu practitioner since 2006 and brings the Buddhist wisdom from Master Endo into her coaching practice on a daily basis.

Spyder has also had the great fortune to study with Dr. Joe Dispenza, whose research, writing and teaching are at the cutting edge of where science, consciousness, spirituality, healing, and human evolution come together. She completed levels 1, 2 and 3 of his workshop series and incorporates many of Dr. Joe’s teachings into her coaching and teaching.

Co-Founder, Coach, and Lead InstructorSpyder Carneol

Sara McIntosh

Co-Founder and Coach

Sara is a lifelong student of human behavior. Determined to feel better about herself and find ways to shift to a more positive view of life and experience, she studied personal growth concepts and techniques to find a solution to the uncomfortable feelings and thoughts recycling inside of herself for most of her life. Sara found relief and made shifts in her own life that drew her to co-create Conscious Freedom Coaching as a method that would help other people have a better perspective about their inner and outer lives.  With greater understanding of how our beliefs shape our behavior and thoughts, clients gain more access to a good and satisfying life experience through the work of Conscious Freedom.

Sara has studied with Carolyn Myss, Alan Clements, and Ken McCleod, among other knowledgeable teachers.  She interned and co-led groups with psychologist Peter Michaelson, author of  Freedom from Self Sabotage in Santa Fe, NM and has personally integrated the teachings of Joe Dispenza, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, and Jerry and Esther Hicks into her daily life experience. These teachers have informed the style and content of the work she offers now. Each training and modality Sara has studied has been integrated into her particular brand of teaching and coaching.  She enjoys adapting her tools to the particular needs of her clients, offering a broad approach to self-improvement. Sara has a particular passion for helping to relieve the stress of low-self esteem, self-criticism, and insidious negativity.

For more information or to schedule a session Sara can be reached at 312-608-6788. 

Co-Founder and CoachSara McIntosh

Robin Bodhi

Robin’s life passion is to help people feel a greater sense of wellbeing through practices that integrate mind & body. She has a diverse background in the healing arts with therapeutic massage as the backbone of her work history. Her focus now is somatic based, with an emphasis on helping people who are struggling with high states of anxiety and/or trauma. She has studied Mindful Awareness Body-Oriented Therapy (MABT), Hakomi, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and most recently Conscious Freedom Coaching (CFC).


After experiencing CFC personally, and realizing her own unconscious limiting beliefs, Robin knew that CFC is a profound tool in shifting deeply engrained patterns. This coaching technique is the piece Robin needed in her practice to bridge all of her previous training, which now provides a more holistic approach to her practice. Robin believes that through bravery and dedication of self-healing we create ripples of inspiration for others to do the same.

To learn more about Robin, visit

CoachRobin Bodhi

Amy Close

A Portland native, Amy brings an eclectic background to coaching that inspires a creative approach. Her Bachelors in Science, Bachelors in Fine Art, and Masters in Education provide a well-rounded perspective when holding a safe space for another’s experience. As a visual arts educator, Amy supports underserved students to express repression and trauma through their imagination and creations.

Applying the science behind neuroplasticity, Amy teaches Growth Mindset and Mindfulness, encouraging learners to find empowerment in the unexpected, using curiosity, and vulnerability. Her own inner work and practice in Conscious Freedom coaching was foundational when she made the conscious choice to quit suffering in a deep drive of addiction and live free, joyous, and clean. Amy brings that experience into an empathic and non-judgmental container for clients who find themselves suffering in similar ways, wanting to heal and choose a new way of being. Amy is a single mother to a tween son, and loves doing anything involving the outdoors, yoga, and coffee.

For more information or to schedule a session Amy can be reached at 971-244-2478. 

CoachAmy Close

Gwenn Cody

Gwenn Cody, MSW, CET, CTE has been a licensed therapist, coach and teacher for over 25 years. She has extensive training in body-oriented and traditional psychotherapy models, trauma work, sexuality and neo-tantra, couples/relationship coaching and several models of psycho-spiritual development including Conscious Freedom Coaching.

Gwenn’s work is dedicated to helping people transform repetitive patterns in thought and feeling, as this is the key to making deep changes in one’s personality and outer life. She loves working with people who are ready to soften or dismantle outdated habits of being and core distortions. She is excited by the possibilities for each of us in liberating more of our potential.

To learn more about Gwenn visit or call her at 503-230-0518.

CoachGwenn Cody

Lisa Collins

Lisa holds degrees in psychology and education and works as a business and education consultant. As a learning and development professional, Lisa supports talent management and business partners to solve workforce challenges. With her perspective as a woman of color, she brings a gender and equity lens to her communities and working environments.

The Conscious Freedom Coaching and Interpersonal Neurobiology frameworks help to enhance Lisa’s skills as a consultant. She brings multiple perspectives, work building community, and her studies in racial healing to her work. As an advisor, she serves on the Oregon Assembly of Black Affairs, advisory board for Strategies of Trauma Awareness and Resilience with Eastern Mennonite University, and the Oregon School Employee Wellness Conference Committee. Creatively, Lisa is a playwright with works produced in New York (Manhattan Repertory Theater) and Portland (Hipbone, Portland Center Stage, and the Armory). She lives in SW Portland with her wife and the youngest of their four children.

To learn more about Lisa, visit @lifecoachingpnw or call her at 971-238-9608.

CoachLisa Collins

Orchid Fowler

Orchid began her personal journey with Conscious Freedom Coaching in 2010 when she started working with a CF coach. Over the course of three years, she was able to dramatically restructure her negative thinking and transform her internal suffering. Because she was able to bring such dynamic change and freedom to her own life, Orchid became a Certified Conscious Freedom Coach. She is passionate about mindfulness and helping others achieve the peace she found through this work.

As a mother and a Waldorf-trained educator, Orchid has dedicated her career to bringing the spiritual teachings of Rudolph Steiner to children and their parents. She is particularly compelled to bring Conscious Freedom Coaching to families. She loves inspiring parents to live balanced lives by giving them the inner-tools necessary to parent with love and mindfulness. In addition, Orchid’s coaching work is informed by her 10-year meditation practice. When Orchid is not coaching, she spends her time with her family, in the wilderness, or gardening.

Because of Conscious Freedom, Orchid lives a life full of positivity, self-compassion and service.  She is committed to assisting you in achieving your own life-long positive change.

For more information or to schedule a session, Orchid can be reached at 503-901-4418.

CoachOrchid Fowler

Lyle Lindsey

While Lyle has spent most of his working life improving people’s lives from the outside in as a woodworker and carpenter, he has long been interested in the subtle ways the physical world is manifested from inside out.   He has learned that who we are shows up in our work. For many years, Lyle has been a teacher of woodworking and carpentry skills, which include the use of tools, focus, and intention, not only on the obvious levels but also in more subtle ways. This understanding brought him to Conscious Freedom Coaching.

Through his working with Conscious Freedom coaching Lyle seeks to help people remodel their lives from the inside out in a very practical way.  He enjoys the cooperative nature of the process as a teacher and coach helping people transform their lives in deeply fundamental ways.

He is also a certified Spiritual Director and member of Spiritual Directors International, an organization of spiritual directors who support the unique spiritual journey of every individual, intent on listening deeply and with integrity towards the wellbeing of each individual they work with.

For more information or to schedule a session, Lyle can be reached by email by clicking the button below. 

CoachLyle Lindsey

Erin Ruehmann

Erin is passionate about personal and spiritual growth. After many years working as a nurse, she set out on her own healing journey to help expose and integrate the unconscious material at the root of her negative patterns. It was on this journey that she discovered Conscious Freedom Coaching (CFC). In addition to completing her Conscious Freedom Coach Training in 2018, Erin has also studied Core Energetics, Mindful Awareness in Body-Oriented Therapy, Wholistic Nutrition and is a Whole Health Educator.

Erin uses the Conscious Freedom technique as a tool to uncover thoughts and feelings created by unconscious beliefs of deprivation, powerlessness and worthlessness. Erin is happy to share this work with others because she believes it is through our individual efforts to expand self-awareness that we ultimately help create a more conscious and loving world.

To learn more about Erin, visit

CoachErin Ruehmann


“Conscious Freedom Coaching has changed and continues to change every corner of my life for the better. It is one of the top three things that has ever happened to me. I feel so strongly that anyone looking to improve their life in any way can benefit immensely from this work." - JA