About Us

What is Conscious Freedom Coaching?

Everything you think about your life and the world starts with how you feel about yourself.

Conscious Freedom Coaching is based on the belief that you are meant to be happy, to feel good and lead a deeply satisfying life.  Conscious Freedom Coaches guide you through the labyrinth of negative thoughts you’re recycling right now, the self-doubt and self-criticism you’re feeling, to find a life that’s transformed by the awareness of what’s driving your experience. Practicing this new level of consciousness results in feeling good about yourself and eliminates the negative thoughts that are blocking your freedom, choices and satisfaction.

How do we do that?

  • We will discover the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that hold you back and keep you stuck in patterns based in the past.
  • Uncover the hidden beliefs inside of you that drive those thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  • Work with tools and practices that dismantle those unconscious beliefs and develop new beliefs based on consciousness choices that better serve your health, happiness and wellbeing.

Conscious Freedom Coaching is a body centered, mind-awareness, experiential process that gets you acutely aware of the innerworkings of your being. It takes you beyond understanding yourself and guides you through the process of actually changing mind/thought patterns, so that you can have a different life experience that brings deeper fulfillment and satisfaction.

Conscious Freedom Coaching will help fill in the missing puzzle pieces that other forms of personal growth work or therapy don’t address. It will enhance any self-awareness you’ve already gained and take it to a deeper, more productive level.

Ready to transform your life?

Why engage with this work?

Purpose of Conscious Freedom Coaching

There are abundant reasons to consider Conscious Freedom Coaching.

  • To be happy and lead a satisfying and fulfilled life.
  • To feel better about yourself and your life.
  • To cultivate deep self-awareness and connection to yourself.
  • To un-wire your brain from learned, conditioned reactions based on the past.
  • To re-wire your brain to be present, in order to make conscious choices.
  • To cultivate self-trust.
  • To learn how to take full responsibility for yourself.
  • To become empowered to be the driver of your life, instead of life driving you.
  • To break self-rejecting habits such as self-judgment and blame.
  • To cultivate a life filled with compassion and acceptance towards self and others.
  • To create meaning/purpose for your life. The ultimate act of “taking charge!”
  • To expand your Consciousness.

How can I work with you?

Weekly Coaching Sessions

If you want to become strong and fit, you’d need to work out at the gym on a regular basis for a while, right? Shifting your mind to create a new relationship with yourself is similar, requiring awareness, determination and practice.

As your coach and guide, I offer tools and map out the practice you need to focus on. I update that every week.  I’ll give you exercises and possibilities to consider about yourself. As your awareness grows and you experience changes, the tools and practices evolve as well.

You can expect changes in your awareness early on in the coaching process. Changes in your behavior begin to show up after working with the tools for a while (the timeframe being different for everyone).  This gives you a strong and satisfying sign that your effort is benefiting you.

Together we can bring greater freedom into your life.


“The biggest change I’ve noticed so far is that I hardly hear that voice in my head anymore calling me stupid or an idiot. I thought that voice was important to keep me in line. Now that it’s gone, I feel so much better." - PN