Core Coaching Principles

Conscious Freedom Coaching is based on five principles that guide the process of transformation.

Early Programming

EARLY PROGRAMMINGEarly Programming starts as soon as you’re born.

Your programming and the meaning you gave it created your beliefs.

You learn how to be a human being. You learn how to walk and talk, feed yourself; tie your shoes, what acceptable behavior is, and what acceptable feelings are.

We call this learning “programming” because the information you learn is absorbed and stored deeply in your subconscious mind like a major “download”. This is true for everyone. It’s stored there so that most of your everyday functions can be “on automatic”. The subconscious mind is designed to perform learned functions automatically for you. Life is very complex and it’s good to have an auto-pilot so you don’t have to think about every detail; like your next breath, your next heartbeat, or the more mundane tasks of life that don’t require deliberate thought every time you do them.

Your programming and the meaning you gave it created your beliefs. An enormous amount of information linked with the feelings you had at the time, is absorbed and translated into beliefs and we’re focusing on the negative ones. Repetitive negative responses to your behavior by authority figures and traumatic experiences at an early age can quickly form a belief about yourself that you’re not good enough or that there’s something wrong with you. Interpretations made by children are full of misunderstandings and misperceptions. Beliefs are formed unconsciously and you’re not aware of the enormous power they have over you.

Beliefs are the foundation of your life experience. In short, your beliefs are what drives your bus…they are your operating system, your Windows or OSX. The thoughts, feelings and results you experience today come from the foundational beliefs in your mind.

If your foundational beliefs are negative the results you experience in your life will be negative too. The good news is that these beliefs were learned and they can be unlearned.

Automatic Existence

AUTOMATIC EXISTENCEAutomatic Existence is Life on Auto-Pilot, based on the past.

It’s the life you experience when you’re unaware of the deeply held negative beliefs your early programming created.

In automatic existence your negative beliefs are so tangled up with your reactions and how you look at life that they’re nearly impossible to reveal on your own. For example: A woman, who grew up in a home where her mother and father always argued about money, most likely will associate money with painful feelings. Constantly being around this behavior cultivates the belief that money equals pain. This belief can drive her to unconsciously avoid money or decide that it’s noble to live in scarcity. She has a hidden obstacle around money even if she expresses the desire to have more of it. In automatic existence, she doesn’t have the awareness to understand what’s preventing her from allowing prosperity in her life.

In automatic existence you take little or no personal responsibility for your reactions and behavior and are more likely to blame others and external circumstances for your problems. You are so familiar with your behavior and reactions that all of your negative thoughts and feelings can be justified into one catch phrase “this is just who I am”. You are complacent and passive to your negativity in automatic existence, even though you experience nagging thoughts that there must be more to life. Until you become aware that you are in the state of automatic existence it is impossible to step out of it. Most people are unaware that a different world of perception exists outside of the habitual one they experience.

So, if you’re asking yourself, “Wow, is it really possible that I’ve been living under the influence of negative beliefs I’ve had since childhood?” The answer is YES! And there’s a way to dismantle those beliefs, create new beliefs that support your self-confidence, and empower you to trust your own value. Transforming your old operating system into Conscious Freedom is an amazing journey. You become so much more than the sum of your conditioning and what you’ve experienced of yourself so far.

Did we mention that life is supposed to feel good? This is powerful work. This is a path to freedom. We can take you there.

Root Shadows

ROOT SHADOWSRoot Shadows are subconscious negative beliefs that drive you to see life from a negative perspective.

Any time you have a lingering or habitual negative thought or feeling about yourself, the world or other people it’s an indication that you are under the influence of a Root Shadow.

Root Shadows are responsible for the impulses you feel that you’re being deprived, controlled, dominated, criticized, rejected, abandoned, or betrayed… whether or not that’s what’s really going on. Your root shadows are the root cause of feeling like a failure, unlovable, or that you’ll never get what you want. They stimulate negative emotions like fear, anger, jealousy, and disappointment.

Root shadows can be dissolved or diminished through Conscious Freedom Coaching. You gain a new view of yourself and begin to understand why you have been feeling, thinking and behaving the way you have. This momentum gives you the power to change your perspective about yourself and the world and create new beliefs that are more productive and beneficial.

Dismantling root shadows and creating new beliefs takes practice, and determination. It’s work, for sure, but the most important work you will ever do. As soon as they are acknowledged, and exposed they begin to lose power. When you start to feel this change, a natural sense of self-confidence emerges inside of you and you start to make more productive and satisfying choices for yourself and your life. Your coach will look for that sign and celebrate your true shift toward a happier life.

Where will you spend all the energy you liberate when you free yourself from your negativity? Creativity? Love? Learning? Service?

The Mind

THE MINDUnderstanding how your mind works allows you to see more clearly why you do what you do and think what you think.

Often inner conflicts arise from your conscious and subconscious minds working against each other.

The subconscious mind processes information much faster than the conscious mind, that’s why it’s in control 85% of the time. Most of your life experience is controlled by your subconscious mind and the beliefs stored there. The conscious mind is like the adult in the room.  It is the rational part that is able to slow things down, pause, see new perspectives and with practice create new beliefs.

Here’s where the challenge comes: Without the conscious mind’s awareness in an interaction, assumptions from hidden beliefs can override reason and logic, leading you to misunderstandings and misinterpretations. What about the conclusions you make when a friend hasn’t called you back in a long time. Do you assume right away that they’re mad at you or that you did something wrong? How do you feel when you find out later they were just busy or out of town? Thoughts from the subconscious mind have emotions attached to them that are often misguided and untrue and use up a lot of valuable energy to process.  You create a lot of suffering for yourself within your own mind.

Getting into the belief structure and doing an overhaul is a big deal. But that’s what has to happen to make a difference for you and your life. There’s some negative activity going on at the depths of your belief system that when addressed can free you to have more conscious choices in your life. Understanding how the subconscious mind works makes you more aware of how you’re interacting with it.

What’s so good about a conscious perspective? Being more aware allows you to see all the possibilities in a given situation. It allows new information to be processed without the subconscious getting in the way. That means that you get to choose the thoughts and feelings you want to engage with rather than being driven by impulses from hidden negative beliefs.

That’s our coaching — working with you to understand how your inner workings are getting in the way of yourself, your happiness, dreams, motivations and satisfaction. We teach you how to see the roadblocks and overcome them with awareness tools so that you can create something new within you, an empowered new life.

The Shift

THE SHIFTHow do you know you’re changing?

Life circumstances that used to trigger you no longer do, or, they don’t last very long.

This is a very exciting moment in the CFC process because it is an indication that your neural networks have actually changed!  You notice that you’re no longer attracted to situations and circumstances that create emotional pain and drama, wasting vital energy that can be used for creating a happy life.

You’ve gained the personal power and resources to face situations that in the past were too intimidating, scary or felt unsurmountable.  You value yourself and your life so much more, that you’re empowered to make healthy choices. Your relationship with others and the world around you changes as a reflection of the changes in your own inner landscape.

After working with a CFC coach for a period of time you experience an enlightened moment of observing yourself as if from the outside.  In that moment you realize you actually CAN interrupt the self-sabotaging thoughts and feelings you’re having by taking charge of your mind and making a conscious choice of how you WANT to show up in the next moment. That’s when everything changes!

Here’s how our clients have changed:

“I love knowing I have tools to change right in that moment how I think so I don’t have to go down the same paths. I also finally understand the choice I was making about the old stories I’ve been telling. I’m no longer a storyteller, I am a storymaker!” – NM

“Conscious Freedom Coaching enabled me to realize that I have a choice in the process of how I respond to difficult situations, and that I can actually make changes in my thought processes that will lead to a higher degree of well-being. Now when I feel my ire rising I can get in there early and begin making choices for myself.” – KR

“When I started this inner journey, I didn’t actually believe that my life would change so much. As I kept practicing this new way of thinking—and I really had to make myself do that at first—things began to feel better. I felt calmer and more like I knew what I was doing instead of questioning myself all the time.” – BD

“My main issue was that “endless self doubt” you kept talking about. My friends used to get so mad at me for taking such a long time to decide what to do or what I wanted. That changed for me after my sessions with you. It started by understanding that making a mistake wasn’t the end of the world and that I didn’t have to beat myself up for it.” -GV

“I feel so much better! I can hardly believe that things that used bother me so much I barely even notice anymore.” -RC


If you are ready to become the maker of your own story and shift into new ways of thinking, being, and creating your life, reach out to us today. Freedom is yours if you learn the tools to greater self-awareness.


“I used to walk around with a constant sense of dread that people would find out that there was something wrong with me. Conscious Freedom Coaching helped me see that I had a belief about myself and that it was a lie. I am free of this belief I’d been living with and feel so much better now. It’s changed my life. I have peace of mind and the dread is gone.” - VH